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You’ve Got Mail!

February 18, 2021

With the recent focus on all things social media, you may be left wondering: “do I even need to bother with email marketing? Is it worth investing my time and energy?” The simple answer is YES!

Email marketing is a hugely valuable part of your marketing strategy. Need some convincing?


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The great news? According to Campaign Monitor and average 2020 benchmarks for all industries, the wellness/beauty and fitness category is one of the highest-ranked industries for successful email marketing!

Connection is everything! The beauty industry is built on relationships, trust, and passion so you are in the best position to engage your clients and drive them to action.

If you have not been as proactive as you should be in collecting contact info it is not too late to start! A great way to get emails is to offer a carrot, such as a 10% discount, samples, etc…

There are multiple email marketing strategies, but the two most important are:

  • An enticing subject: something that will make them want to open your email
  • All communications should deliver value to your clients: what’s in it for them?

We’ve covered best practices on frequency and email design (here) – but how do you get your message across? And, more importantly, what are the most effective types of emails that your customers will actually OPEN?

Lose the stress and check out these 4 simple and effective ideas:

 When you are running a promotion or sale, you want to get the word out! Using your email list is a great place to start. With these kinds of emails, you want to:

  • Keep it short
  • Make sure the promotion is clear
  • Indicate the dates and how it works
  • Include a call-to-action such as “Buy Now”!

Let your clients know when you add a new service or product! This will help to keep you top of mind with your consumers. Use imagery, short, informational text, and call-to-actions to either Book or Shop Now!


You are the expert! Use emails to share valuable content and tips that your customers want to read and link it to a specific promo or product.  Need some ideas?

  • How to keep your Blonde fresh
  • How to achieve the perfect topknot
  • Beachy waves made easy

Don’t be shy to brag! Consumers are extremely review-centric and testimonials are a great way to introduce a newer member of your team, Jr. stylist, or a new service.

Sharing positive reviews and testimonials is a powerful way to highlight your business and encourage clients to book. Make sure to add that ever-important “Book Now” call-to-action!

Implement these four ideas and your next few weeks are planned out!



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