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You’re Not Alone!

May 27, 2020

As businesses start to reopen their doors and adapt to the “new normal”, having a clear strategic plan will be more important than ever. But for many small business owners, this can feel overwhelming! Where to start? What are your priorities? Where to invest and where to make cuts?

So why not take advantage of all the readily available resources?

There are many stakeholders in your business, and it is in their best interest to support and help you not only survive but thrive! It is essential to tap into everyone’s different expertise to build a cohesive plan that will be effective and easy to execute.

The reality is YOU CAN NOT DO IT ALONE!

Some of the people that can help you think outside of the box are: your stylist team, the distributors’ management team where you make your purchases, your sales consultants, and most importantly – your retail manufacturer partners!

We know that perhaps you might not be having face to face contact for a while with some of these resources, but it is essential to stay in touch. MAKE THE TIME to schedule weekly vendor meetings via zoom to discuss needed support, different business drivers, assets, and what they are willing to do to support your business.

If you are currently not in touch with your manufacturers, reach out to your distributors to find out who is your local Regional Brand Manager and get their contact information.

Never hesitate to connect with them! You will be surprised at how willing and able they are when it comes to sharing a multitude of resources such as:

  • Analysis of product purchases, trends, and opportunities
  • Building a promotional planning calendar
  • Reopening guidelines
  • Sneak peek at upcoming promos and launches
  • Creating in-salon and digital business-building activities
  • Assets for your social media and website to help promote retail and services
  • Visual merchandising expertise makes all the difference in driving retail!
  • Education both online and in-salon can get the team caught up and inspired
  • Client event expertise and support for VIP events
  • Unique initiatives to support retail sell-through of inventory
  • Sponsored staff incentive and consumer contest ideas to build engagement
  • Engagement calendars to reach out to your clients
  • Establishing financial terms
  • Loyalty programs to support your backbar

The possibilities are endless… all you need to do is ask!

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