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Guess What? You Have a New Customer!

July 29, 2020

As the world around us changes, a shift in consumer habits and behaviors is inevitable!

Think about how you shop, make purchasing decisions, and what inspires you as a consumer. Most likely you have NOT stopped making purchases in the past few months but how and where you shop has shifted.

So, understanding consumer trends is essential to thriving in this new economy.

The great news? Each one of these can be viewed as an opportunity and a potential new customer!

As a stylist or salon owner, you are an integral part of your local community and there are many ways you can connect with consumers.

Armed with this information, how can you take full advantage of this untapped potential?

Bring your brand to life digitally

Now is the ideal time to rethink your marketing strategy. But how can we attract and translate the in-person experience you offer in the salon with an online experience? Simple! Start by focusing on your brand identity and what makes you special.

Perhaps you are:

  • Known for being a fun, quirky salon! Why not post a weekly game for your clients on social media?
  • A multi-generational and community-oriented? Share community stories and updates on your pages!
  • Focused on trends? Why not post tutorials on how to achieve trending looks on your website?

Location, location, location

Think local and remind your customer that you are engaged with your local community. Have you brushed up on SEO tactics to make sure that your salon website appears on a search engine as a local hair salon? If not, check out this post for some tips on getting startedt! OK, Google…Find My Salon!

Looking for opportunities and ways that you can reach your customers is a key step to navigating the ever-evolving situation! Focusing on your brand identity and using your available resources will help you to continue driving your business!

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