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Why You Need Online Reviews

March 28, 2017

Online reviews are a great way for potential clients to learn about the unique experience at your salon. Most consumers (91% to be exact!*) read online reviews to form an opinion about a local business, and hair salons are among the most researched business types. But what exactly does this mean for your salon? There are a few key reasons why online reviews are essential to growing your business.

Online reviews are guest referrals. When someone searches for a local salon and comes across your Facebook page with a series of glowing testimonials, they are reassured that their experience in your salon will be positive. Reading favorable reviews will give the consumer confidence and push them closer to booking an appointment with you.

Having an abundance of reviews—whether on Google, Facebook, Yelp or your salon’s website—will enrich your online presence. The more information is out there, the more your target audience can learn about the special services, products and atmosphere you offer. Additionally, the more your salon is mentioned online, the higher your salon will rank on search engines like Google, making it easier for consumers to find you. If your salon doesn’t have any online reviews, it is likely to be skipped over in favor of one that does.

Clients have a tendency to be more honest online than they are in person. While this can bruise some egos, it also provides a fresh opportunity for you to assess your business practices. Guests often see things from a different perspective. Take each review as constructive criticism that will enable you to enhance the guest experience at your salon.

Stay tuned for our upcoming Tech Talk articles, where we dive deeper into the world of online reviews and how to inspire your customers to write them.

*Source: Local Consumer Review, 2016

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