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“WHY?” Is Not A Simple Question!

January 20, 2021

In our previous post, we looked at the importance of finding the WHY behind what drives, fulfills, and inspires us in our professional lives.

Simon Sinek wrote: “Each one of us has only one why. It is not a statement about who we aspire to be; it expresses who we ARE when we are at our natural best.”

Ideally, we all wish to perform at our optimal level, to know that we are driven by a passion that burns inside us, and to not crawl out of bed but jump out excited for the day ahead! To achieve this we need to be true to ourselves on a deeper level; not just scratching the surface but taking the time to look back…look back at our past and what impacted us, who influenced us, what experiences left their mark.

In some ways, this might sound a bit fluffy, but…

WHY? is not a simple question! So, you will need to invest in a little quiet time to collect your “stories.”

Start with a goal

List the 10 key events, moments, or people that impacted your life. Ideally, write them down and go into detail.

  • What happened?
  • How did it make me feel?
  • How has it impacted you or others?


  • Take the time to reflect! For some, partnering with someone neutral (an active listener) helps to trigger and share.
  • Another way is to simply create a timeline where you plot key events during your life span.
  • Use questions (personal or professional) to help to prompt you. For example:


Next week we will explore how these “stories” will help you find your life’s purpose…YOUR WHY.

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