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Make Your Bio Work for You

April 10, 2018

When visiting any salon website, you’ll typically find a page featuring their team and short bios of each staff member. Are these bios really necessary?

When done properly, bios are a great way to add some personality to your brand and bring in new business.

In order to write an effective bio, you must remember the goal: to attract new customers. If the content doesn’t appeal to your target demographic, then it shouldn’t make the cut. In other words, your online dating profile and professional bio should contain very few similarities!

To create a meaningful bio, use these three simple components:

About You

This is your chance to make a connection with potential clients. Be careful not too get too personal. It’s nice that you have three dogs, but consumers don’t usually choose a new stylist based on their love for animals. Instead, show off your personality as it relates to your unique skill sets. Try using a fun tagline, like “Balayage Guru” or “Pastel Pro”. This communicates what you do best, while attracting the right clients for you.

Education & Experience

The purpose of this segment is to convey your level of expertise. Include any notable training and achievements (i.e. editorial shoots, features in well-known publications). Remember your audience—listing every class you’ve attended throughout your career will not resonate with the average consumer. It’s best to keep this part of your bio short and sweet.


Along with your bio, add a small portfolio of your work. Clients want to see what you can do before booking an appointment. Whether you have one specialty or do everything from trims to fashion colors, choose a selection of images that best represents your talent. You can also link to your Instagram page, as well as any articles or websites featuring your work. If you choose to include a picture of yourself, make sure it’s taken by a professional (no selfies please!).

Make your bio work for you! Take the time to write something that speaks to your ideal client and inspires them to book an appointment.

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