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Up Your Upgrades

July 25, 2017
Up Your Upgrades

Upgrading is an essential part of our everyday life—from hotels and flights to cell phones and data plans. We live in a society that entices us to upgrade to the next best thing for a minimal add-on fee. So when I go into salons and ask how many upgrades they are doing, I’m surprised to see that it is not very many.

How do we get our guests to upgrade to a deep conditioning or pre-color treatment, for example?

The reception team is key; they are the first people to speak to the client when booking an appointment. If a stylist has a fully booked day, adding any additional time will be difficult. Train your front desk specialists to ask each guest if they want to add on 20 minutes for a customized experience created specially by their stylist.

Upgrades are designed to make the client feel more special by customizing their experience. A client will only upgrade when they see value in the service that is provided. Therefore, whether it’s a new client or loyal guest, we need to make sure that a full consultation is done every time. What is the added benefit? What will this do for me? Make sure to answer these questions specifically for each guest’s needs.

Up Your Upgrades
Incentives are a great way to drive business. Whether you are targeting your staff or clients, create simple promotions around add-on services.

Try a simple upgrade competition with your staff: whoever gets the most upgrades wins!

For clients, gift-with-service promotions work well. Offer a GWS that is inexpensive, but allows guests to see an added value in upgrading. Once they try it and see the benefits, they will continue to upgrade on future services.

In the end, it’s not about convincing guests to upgrade, but rather educating them so they make the decision on their own. Showing your clients how an upgrade will enhance results or solve their hair frustrations will make them a loyal customer, all while putting more money in your pocket!

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