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Time To Thrive!

February 11, 2021

The first few months of a year is the perfect time to find new ways to expand your business offerings and open up new streams of income. As we put 2020 firmly behind us, it is time to focus on how we don’t just survive but THRIVE this year!

Whether you are an independent stylist or a commissioned salon, check out these different ways that you can build extra revenue in 2021:




The reality is, people are busier than ever and subscriptions are a time saver!

Offering products on a subscription basis will guarantee you fixed income every single month and help you build a loyal client base! Why would your clients buy from elsewhere when it is already being taken care of?

Classes are a great way to empower your clients and ensuring they feel just as beautiful at home, as when they are leaving the salon. As a bonus, you will get to earn extra income doing what you love!

Many salons now offer a variety of packages to their clients featuring savings or gifts with purchase. Why is it so great? You get to secure revenue while they get to visit you more frequently!

It might seem obvious, but it does not make this tip it less important! By booking appointments in advance, you are not only ensuring the best possible results for your clients, but you are also securing greater retention in customers.

Referral programs are a great way to retain and grow your customer base. An easy way to do this is to offer a complimentary service after a certain number of referrals.

What about that chair or treatment room that has been sitting empty for a while? Consider renting it! You’ll, in turn, expand your business offerings and build a new stream of income.

A good hair care routine is not a small investment and offering your clients a routine trial is a perfect way to show them why your recommendations are just what they need. More often than not, clients will come back and purchase what you have sampled them.

If the past year taught us anything, it was that adaptability is KEY! And, as a resilient professional community, it’s time to look forward, use our resources, and most importantly…get creative!


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