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Time to Say Goodbye

January 29, 2020
Time to Say Goodbye

There are many factors that come together to make a salon brand successful: the location, the environment, the culture and most importantly, the talent of the team!

People are what drives this industry, and there is a delicate balance that must be maintained in the salon where stylists and guests can interact and take part in the creative process.

The culture that lives in the salon has a direct effect on the quality of your guests’ experiences, as well as how team members interact with each other.

As we all know, there are many different personalities in this creative industry! Sometimes, we end up with a problematic or disruptive team member.

So when is it time to pull off the Band-Aid?

Only you know the answer, but if this person is negatively affecting other team members, customers, the brand and the culture you are working to build, well…it might just be time to rip off that Band-Aid!

Salon owners often fear losing an established stylist. How will they replace the business? Do they want to deal with the stress of finding a new tenant? And so time passes, and somehow everyone manages to cope with the disrupter.

But at what cost? How much is this disruptive team member affecting the bottom line?

Here are some simple questions to ask yourself:

  • Does this person occasionally (or regularly) have a negative effect on others?
  • Does their behavior go against the salon’s brand values?
  • Have there been complaints from other team members?
  • Do they sabotage positive changes in the salon?
  • Do they lack professional ethics?
  • Does their image or language offend clients or coworkers?

If you answered “yes” to 2 or more of these questions, it is probably time to say goodbye and start looking for a new tenant or staff member who will support the salon’s brand and culture.

Originally published August 22, 2017

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