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Think Triangle!

May 23, 2017

As we explored in our “Can You Compete?” post, if you want consumers to make unplanned purchases, you need to entice them!

Unplanned purchases are driven by opportunity. You can’t make a spontaneous purchase if the store is out of your size, the model you want, or the product you are considering. The days of “rainchecks” or waiting for the next order to come in are long gone.

It’s time to stop thinking like a stylist and start thinking like a retailer!

One trick that all successful retailers use to attract customers is the “triangle” strategy. Using the “triangle” strategy means building a display with height and keeping everything tight and full. This is the best way to grab the attention of your clients, since the eye can only capture one collection or group at a time.

Try pulling your products off the shelves to create a focus, feature or story. These can be in the form of a collection, a new launch, seasonal promotions, giftables, etc.

It’s essential to entice your guests and pedestrians who might become guests with clear, targeted messaging. You can actually decide what they will purchase—if you are strategic, that is.

Once you’ve decided on your feature and have built your “triangle” display, use these tips to further enhance and drive your message:

  • Get your team on board with what you’re featuring through a PK class or team incentive.
  • Use social media to feature your stylists’ favorite ways to use these products.
  • Create specific promotions around your feature.
  • Work with your manufacturer and distributor to get the latest marketing material and digital assets.

Remember to update your features and window every 6 to 8 weeks—no excuses! If you want to compete, you need to bring your A game by planning and executing. The beauty industry is bigger than ever. The question is: Are you willing to work for a piece of the pie?

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