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July 22, 2020

Beauty retail sales are at an all-time high! But are you taking full advantage of consumer demand? Are you enticing your customers to purchase from you versus a competitor or perhaps online? The days of simply displaying products on shelves are LONG GONE!

If you have not been consistently updating your customer base contact info, make this your number 1 priority! How consumers make purchasing decisions has evolved significantly. For example, many touchpoints with clients that were facilitated in a face-to-face environment now need to shift to digital. You might want to consider building an engagement calendar to schedule email blasts, social media posts, and even text marketing?

But what is text marketing? Simply put, it is a tool that allows you to send messages to your customers via text.

So, what are some dos and don’ts of text marketing?

The Do’s

Make it valuable

Make sure that your communication to your client has a purpose. For example:

  • Sending direct appointment reminders
  • Providing updates, such as changes to policies or hours
  • No longer have a waiting room? Use it for letting clients know when their stylist is ready for them!
  • Encouraging a client to leave a review
  • Creating excitement about promotions, GWPS, consumer incentives, or contests!

Get permission

Similar to any email marketing, getting your customer’s permission to contact them via text message is a must. There are different ways of doing this – make sure you explore your options to do what works best for your business and clients!

Keep it short

You only have around 160 characters for your message – keep it short, concise, and to the point!

Identify yourself!

Ever received a call from no Caller ID? Are you likely to answer it? Probably not! Think the same way for your texts – your clients are more likely to engage with the messaging if they know who is sending it.


Text message scheduling tools offer a huge number of benefits. You can automate, schedule, and track messages that you send. A quick google search will show you all the different options available to you!

The Don’ts

Don’t bombard your audience!

You don’t want to get overzealous and send text after text. Not only will this irritate your customers, but it can dilute any messaging you are trying to transmit.

Don’t forget opt-out instructions!

You should always offer a way for your recipient to stop receiving messages from you or your company – especially in your first message! It may seem daunting or low on your priority list, but investing time and energy into different digital tools will be essential to staying connected with your clientele and continuing to drive business.

Click here to download a form to update your customer base info!

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