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Team Incentive: Retail Bingo

June 4, 2019

Last week, as part of our Raise Your Revenue series, we provided tips on incorporating retail sales into your daily routine. As a salon owner or stylist, you may recognize the importance of retailing, but perhaps the rest of your team doesn’t. How can you get them on board?

Try this fun and easy Retail Bingo game to mix things up! Use your next team meeting to launch the incentive. Take the time to discuss the following points and get all of your team members involved:

Retail Objectives

What is the purpose of this incentive? What are your team goals for the week? You can even have each team member set their own personal retail goals. Write everything down on a poster board to display in the break room for the duration of the incentive.


Use last week’s post to open up a discussion about retailing best practices. Share some simple ideas your staff can use to retail more effectively. Ask team members to share their tried and true methods for selling product successfully. Write the group’s top 5 best practices on a poster board.

How It Works

Explain the parameters of the incentive. Establish a start and end date (ideally one week, since short incentives work best). Hand out a bingo card to each staff member. You can print ours here. Last but not least, share what prize(s) will be won. Depending on what motivates your team specifically, you can have one winner, or several.

Special thanks to Kim Szczepanowski Edwards, Regional Brand Manager, for this idea!

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