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Why Team Gatherings Are Better Than Meetings

June 5, 2018

Many salons today— commissioned or rentals—avoid having regular, organized meetings. The most common excuses I hear from salon owners are: “My staff won’t show up” and “They hate meetings”.

Can you blame them? Most meetings are about what the team NEEDS to do and what they CANNOT do!

The best way to foster the salon culture and shift thinking is to make it a team effort, instead of always having the boss telling them what to do. Holding regular gatherings instead of meetings can be the first step, as gatherings are all about exchanging ideas.

If you’re looking to establish or change your culture, you need a clear set of values: principles that everyone will follow. These values need to be believed by the entire team. The best way to achieve that is to build them together!

A great exercise that can really make a difference in how staff members perceive their role in the business is: creating ownership. All you need is a flip chart and an open mind!

There are 3 questions you need to ask:

  1. What should our customers expect?
  2. What is your ideal work environment?
  3. What do you expect from your coworkers?

Simply ask the three questions and write down all the answers in each category. This is a team building exercise, so there are no wrong answers.

Culture change depends on behavior change. The entire team must clearly understand what is expected of them. Without clear standards, it’s difficult to drive change or encourage accountability and ownership.

Remember that your business values should always include the three most important aspects: the team, the customer, and the environment.

Once you’ve collected everyone’s input, determine the common themes that will form your salon values. The values will then represent everyone, and that is the first step to creating ownership.

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