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Why You Should Teach Your Clients

July 24, 2018

Whenever I show a client how to get more body or work against their cowlicks, they always say “No one has ever told me that!” Part of being a true expert is educating our clients. If they leave the salon without knowing how to style their hair, our job is not done!

We should teach our clients how to maintain their style for the weeks or months that they’re on their own. It’s just as important as everything we do while our client is in the chair.

Each client you style is a walking advertisement of your work. Teaching them how to recreate the look at home is the best way to get referrals.

Here are some tips to help you educate your clients:


During your consultation, include these questions:

  • How do you typically style your hair?
  • Are there any issues you’ve been having with your hair?
  • Do you want to wear your hair natural as well?

Use their answers to provide styling tips suited to their lifestyle.


Remember that all of your clients purchase hair products somewhere, so why shouldn’t they buy them from you? I always follow the WWWH rule.

What is it? Describe the product.
Who and what is it for? Who should use this product and what is it’s main purpose?
What does it do? Emphasize how the product will benefit your client.
How do you use it? Teach your client how to use the product on themselves.

Talk about the WWWH in the consultation and again while applying the product. Place the products you’re using in front of your client so they can see, touch, and smell.

At the end of the service, write down your recommended products and tips so they have a visual to fall back on. Even on your busiest days, take the time to show your clients that you’re invested in their hair.

Clients crave experience, confidence and trust. If you teach them about their hair, they will trust you, purchase what they need, and promote you. They will be your client for the long haul.

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