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Are You Getting The Right Referrals?

June 19, 2018

Your income consists of many different factors: services, retail, add-ons, and of course, referrals.

We know that referrals are the backbone of your business. They determine your customer base, the hours you work, how much you charge, and your annual income.

Many salons and stylists create referral programs to drive new customers to their chairs. These programs can work really well, but this is not always the case…

Targeting is a recurring topic on Beautiful Business because it’s the foundation for building a healthy, profitable, and dynamic business. Knowing your target demographic is essential to building the right customer base for your passion and skills.

Use these 5 tips to help you get the right client referrals for your business.

Create Your Ideal Customer Profile

Include their age, income, needs, preferences and motivators (the factors that drive their decisions). Think of what’s important to your target demographic and incorporate this into your referral strategy (i.e. savings, luxury, extras, etc.)

Make a List of Your Favorite Clients

Which clients would you like to clone? This is who you should be asking for referrals. Keep in mind that your goal is to grow your business, not expand your social circle.

Acknowledge Clients Who Make Referrals

Develop a protocol to thank your clients for great referrals. When thanking the client who made the referral, be sure to emphasize WHY you appreciate it.

Avoid Discounting Popular Services

Don’t discount services that your client is currently booking in exchange for a referral. Instead, offer a complimentary add-on service that the client has never tried.

Promote Your Specialties

Use the best-suited social media outlets to promote your craft. Whether you focus on Facebook or Instagram should depend on who you are targeting. You can also promote yourself by partnering with like-minded businesses.

The quantity and quality of referral clients often depends on who referred them and why. You have much more control in determining your customer base than you might think!

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