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How Tabletops Can Impact Your Salon

May 21, 2019

When setting up their retail section, many salons choose walls as the go-to solution for product placement. Since salon space is often limited, it makes sense that this would be the most popular way to merchandise. Nevertheless, there are many other options to consider, such as tabletops.

Now, this doesn’t mean you need to add a gigantic table to your salon. You can utilize already existing surfaces, such as your reception counter, or a coffee table in your waiting area. If you want to add a new fixture to your arsenal, but space is an issue, try a simple pedestal or nested tables. Choose a table that has a light, airy design to ensure that the visual flow isn’t blocked.

Here are just a few of the many benefits of tabletop merchandising:

Communicate a precise message

Select products that pinpoint a specific audience or story. For example, in your color area, showcase products that your customers need to maintain their new shade. Another table could highlight your top 5 favorite products. Make sure your team is on board and can educate clients about each of these items. This will add a personal touch and emphasize the client message.

Maximize your retail space’s potential

By adding a table in the midst of your retail space, you will create a stronger navigational path. We’re all creatures of habit—when presented with a wall display, chances are we’ll view it from left to right. Our browsing is considered complete once we’ve reached the far end. Incorporating different points of view will create a more dynamic shopping path, and a larger sense of discovery for clients.

Highlight product unexpectedly

We often miss out on potential sales due to customers rushing in and out of the salon. An easy solution is to allow your customers to try products in the waiting area. Display products with instant results (i.e. Mending Infusion, Dry Shampoo, Hand Cream). Turn waiting time into a sensorial experience that will benefit your clients, as well as your sales!

Keep an eye on how your customers are shopping your tabletops, and how it’s affecting sales. Make changes, find the strategy that best suits your salon, and remember to enjoy the creative process!

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