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Summer Haircare Made Easy!

July 14, 2021

As we quickly approach the season of Summer and those golden rays of sunshine, taking care of hair can sometimes fall off the radar! Whilst a lot of people have become more conscious about sunscreen and protection for skin, most forget to protect hair from the same damage.

So, what better time to make sure you are recommending a summer haircare line-up to your consumers. We spoke to stylist Stephalina Amador for her top recommendations.




Hair, skin and nails are all comprised of the same proteins, and need the same kind of barrier against the sun. We all know that summer hair styling is meant to be quick, fresh and easy, so I love recommending the addition of something as simple as Protect and Prevent Spray to an everyday routine. It will offer the protection hair needs in a fuss-free way! After any exposure to sun, blondes will notice their hair appearing more golden whilst brunettes will tend to see redder hues emerge. Protect & Prevent will help protect your client’s color from turning different shades and safeguard all those hours of your work!








Many will spend summer days sipping ice-cold beverages, but forget that hair requires the same hydration! Hair can quickly lose its moisture thanks to the salty ocean, chlorinated swimming pools and UV rays. I like to recommend a deep hydration mask (ahem, Intense Hydrating Mask – looking at you!) to infuse hair with hydration, and give it that extra TLC!







Nothing works more magic on summer hair than an oil! The Moroccanoil Treatment or Treatment Light is a staple in my summer haircare recommendation. This product will not only cut your consumer’s styling time in half, but it boosts shine 118% and strengthens hair from the inside out. I like to advise using 1-2 pumps on the mid lengths through to the end. Finally- the Hydrating Styling Cream. This lightweight cream keeps hair hydrated to avoid frizz and has a light hold for effortless styles that will last throughout those long.





All it takes is a few tweaks to a haircare routine to make sure that your client’s hair stays hydrated and healthy all summer long!


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