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Get Ready for Summer Curls

June 27, 2017
Get Ready for Summer Curls

I’m a believer that the universe doesn’t make straight lines! Many clients have curl or wave they have yet to discover. This summer, introduce your clients to their natural curl or wave and educate them on how to get consistent results.

The perfect curl starts at the shampoo bowl. For hair that’s fine or easily weighed down, use a clarifying shampoo to remove buildup, which can prevent curls from springing into shape. As hair type gets curlier and thicker, it grows up and out, preventing natural oils from traveling to the ends of the strands. While we want hair to be clean, we don’t want tight spiral curls to dry out. Moroccanoil Cleansing Conditioner will clean and condition hair while redistributing protective natural oils throughout the strands.

The foundation of hairstyling and cutting is the same for all hair types. However, there are some differences in what each hair type needs. Cutting straight hair is all about the lines. As hair gets curlier, the lines move when hair dries and cutting becomes more about the shape. Think about using point-cutting and disconnection when approaching curly hair. Remember to refine your cut when hair is dry and styled curly—in other words, cut it where it lives.

The right styling products are a curly client’s best friend. Begin by evening out and protecting porous ends with Moroccanoil Treatment and Intense Curl Cream. For tight spiral curls, add definition and length with a targeted application of Moroccanoil Styling Gel Strong at the roots. Next, apply Curl Control Mousse from mid-length to ends. To increase curl on fine or wavy hair, use a custom blend of Styling Gel Strong and Curl Defining Cream. The weight of water and gravity are always pulling the hair straight—use a diffuser to help support the natural curl shape as it dries.

The key to consistent curls is keeping them hydrated, refreshed and re-energized daily. With the right cut, styling products and education, your clients can take on summer’s hair challenges (sun, salt, humidity) without breaking a sweat!

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