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Style With a Bang!

June 6, 2017

“Should I get bangs?” It’s the question almost every stylist will be asked at some point by many of our clients. Just look at a fashion magazine, a celeb makeover or a popular blogger—you’ll undoubtedly see bangs as the leading topic or look. It’s a timeless “trend,” a go-to cut to shake up one’s look.

Whether your client’s hair is straight, curly, long or short, you can easily complement any current style and make that change with a stylish fringe. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when cutting bangs.

Always start with a proper consultation and listen carefully. Study the hair type, understand why the client is requesting the change. The more information you have, the better. What is their hair ritual and how comfortable are they styling their own hair? Also consider the season and a client’s activity level: People sweat more on the forehead during the summer months or while working out, so bangs might not be an ideal option. Plus, bangs are a commitment—trims should be scheduled every two to three weeks.

Have a mood portfolio or some visual aids of bang styles that can be easily adapted to different hairstyles. Invest in a few faux bang pieces that can easily be added to any hairstyle to help visualize a final look, before actually cutting bangs.

The great thing about bangs is that they can change up a client’s look without the commitment of cutting too much. A barely-bang or long side bang may be a great option for someone wanting a slight change but not the whole shebang (pun intended). Another option is to simply add light layering around the face at first and then gradually work the client into fuller bangs.

Continue to educate yourself—not only on the latest bang trends and hairstyles with or adaptable to bangs, but also the different technical skills you’ll need to achieve the perfect bang for each client’s desires. Moroccanoil offers a program called Stylescapes™ The Bang Edition that can be a great resource for cutting new fringes and guiding your clients in the right direction. You can visit our website to learn more.

So, style with a bang and have fun!

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