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September 11, 2018

As we all know, today’s consumers have higher expectations and have more options than ever before, from online diagnostic tools to customized beauty boxes delivered monthly.

Salons need to work harder and smarter to attract consumers away from online vendors and big box beauty retailers.

One of the many ways to compete more effectively is to take full advantage of the time your guest is in your chair. This means investing a significant amount of the appointment transmitting your expertise and knowledge as a professional and taking the time to sample with strategy.

Here are some key points to keep in mind and help you drive your retail sales through sampling.

Why Sample

  • Reward your clients for making a retail purchase in your business
  • Have clients experience a new product
  • Drive retail by gifting with any Moroccanoil purchase
  • Build guest loyalty
  • Attract new retail customers


How to Sample

  • Always show the sample to the guest, never just add it to their bag
  • Give a clear reason why you’re offering this sample (i.e. as a thank you, to try the product, GWP, etc.)
  • Explain exactly how to use the sample for best results
  • Gift with enthusiasm to show the value of the sample
  • Samples should be given to the appropriate hair type versus random sampling
  • Use as a business driver on social media (i.e. book today to receive a deluxe sample)

When to Sample

  • In the stylist chair
  • At the register after the client has made a purchase
  • Gift at a salon event
  • As part of a marketing campaign with specific goals

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