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3 Easy Holiday Marketing Ideas

November 20, 2018

We’re seeing a huge shift in how consumers research product—social media will soon surpass more traditional search engines (like Google). It’s safe to say that many of your clients will be looking for holiday gift ideas on social media. Advertising your seasonal offerings on Facebook and Instagram is essential!

Try these holiday-themed marketing ideas aimed at increasing your social media engagement and retail sales.

Black Friday Specials

Black Friday is an opportunity that many small businesses miss out on. Last year, 174 million Americans shopped between Thanksgiving Day and Cyber Monday, spending an average of $335 per person. Millenials were the biggest spenders, with an average of $420 per person (Washington Post). Thanksgiving is just two days away, but it isn’t too late to implement a Black Friday promotion! To compete with other beauty retailers, try offering a “buy more, get more” deal. This will encourage your clients to purchase several gifts at once.

Create Personality-Driven Gifts

Make it easy for your clients to choose gifts by creating appealing packages that tell a story. This will help them find the perfect gift for even the pickiest person on their list. Build unique packages that will drive new business to your salon.

Host a Holiday Contest

Social media contests are an effective way to build brand awareness and engage with your customers. Host a “12 days of giveaways” contest where your followers are presented with a fun challenge on each of the 12 days. Select a variety of rewards that will appeal to your clients, increasing the value as the contest progresses. Doing so will keep your followers coming back each day to see what they can win next!

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