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November 8, 2016

bb_ipad2We all know that education is key to a stylist’s success: staying on top of trends, learning new skills and maintaining their creativity are just a few elements of keeping up with what’s new in hair care and styling. Manufacturers work diligently to deliver original content, salon owners book out time to facilitate classes and often invest heavily for their team to be on top of their game. But what happens once the class is over?

As a stylist, you spend hours learning new skills and creating innovative looks in class environments, but are you suggesting these looks to your guests? Let’s bring back the passion and stop playing it safe! The holidays are the perfect time to challenge yourself, as it’s party season and your guests will be open to trying something a little more glamorous or sexy.

Salon owners—challenge your team! At your next meeting, have each stylist provide 5–10 great looks that they love and can reproduce. You can then display these mini holiday portfolios on a tablet in the salon for guests to peruse.

Here are some great sources for inspiration:
Fashion Gone Rogue
Style Bistro
• Mane Addicts
• Instagram

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