Tough Love

Show Your Clients Some Love!

February 13, 2018

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, and on behalf of your regular customers, I am here to ask you: Where is the love?

Your loyal customers have been coming into the salon for years like clockwork, sitting in your chair for their color, highlights, regular cuts and blowouts, sharing snippets of their lives with you—and let’s not forget contributing to your regular income! However, they are often the most neglected demographic!

Think of what happens when a new guest sits in your chair. You ask probing questions, take extra time, analyze the condition of their hair, and make recommendations. All of these actions demonstrate how dedicated you are to their satisfaction.

After three or four appointments, the “new client” transitions into the “regular client,” and that TLC slowly starts to diminish. You evolved from discussing their hair for 80 percent of the appointment to possibly just a few minutes.

Building a relationship is essential to maintaining your customer base, but remember that your initial relationship was built around their hair. Before you ask your guests about their vacation or love life, ask some specific questions about their hair!

Take the time to remember why your loyal clients came to you in the first place. They came for your expertise, your passion, and your skills.

Never take them for granted!

This Valentine’s Day, give a little extra to your loyal customers. Something as simple as a complimentary braid or a gift with purchase is a great way to show your appreciation.

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