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Are You Leaving Money on the Table?

May 1, 2018

Did you know that most professional stylists and colorists are earning an average of 20% less than they should be? This is simply because they are not giving their customers what they want!

Today’s consumers want to be serviced by a true expert! Experts make recommendations, they adapt to the seasons and conditions, and they are knowledgeable about keeping hair beautiful and healthy. They know what is best for their clients!

As you know, most professionals’ income is a combination of different sources. Styling and cutting, chemical services, add-on services, retail products and-the nucleus of your business-referrals. Without referrals there is no business!

The secret to getting referrals is ensuring that your client’s satisfaction goes beyond your chair and extends to the weeks between visits.

As part of our brand new Color Complete Collection, Moroccanoil is introducing its first true professional service: ChromaTech. The ChromaTech service helps preserve the quality and vibrancy of your clients’ color for 10 washes in combination with the Color Complete at-home regimen.

The one thing I’ve learned from being in this industry is that stylists sincerely care about their customers! So much so, that their fear of displeasing their clients often holds them back from doing what is best for them; suggesting a simple change, or a new in-salon protocol.

Challenge yourself:

Be Confident

You are the expert and you know what your client needs for the best results.

“Barbara, I’m noticing significant fading and some brassiness when you come in for your root touch-ups. I would like to address this problem in a proactive manner. Fading and color oxidation occurs over time for many reasons, such as pollution, heat styling, UV rays, and even washing your hair.”

Explain the WHY

Helping your client understand the benefits of the recommendation should NEVER be skipped.

“I would like to add the Moroccanoil ChromaTech service to your color protocol moving forward to help equalize the porosity of your hair, open the cuticle to prepare your hair to receive color, increase your grey coverage, and also protect your scalp from sensitivity.”

Share the Results

Let your client know what benefits can be expected from your recommendation.

“This service includes technology that will restore your hair’s integrity, while creating a hydrophobic barrier to seal in your color. Combined with the home regimen, your color’s life and vibrancy will last twice as long.”

Making a few changes to how you approach your business can mean a significant increase in your client’s overall guest satisfaction, meaning more referrals and revenue for you!

For more information about Color Complete, contact your local Moroccanoil distributor or visit

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