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April 18, 2017

Weddings can be big business. After all, it is the one day that brides may be willing to spend and do anything to look and feel their best. From crash diets, to hair and eye lash extensions, from spray tans to unique accessories. This is the day, and many salons are competing for this lucrative business.

The wedding begins with the bride to be. Every detail, every decision, every expense is made to enhance and bring her vision to life. Promote and market her vision. Show her that you understand what she wants and are there to help her develop and enhance it. Remember: you are not selling a wedding package, you are selling a dream!

Having a wedding concierge is a big plus, as this person becomes the bride’s advocate and, in many ways, her therapist; keeping her calm, walking her through the details, giving advice and coordinating all that is needed for the wedding party to look their best.

Your social media platforms and website are also important avenues to entice and promote. You don’t need to not focus on pricing and packages. A picture speaks a thousand words, so post beautiful, professional images that are conceptual; they should represent the feeling—not just the hair.

Creating clear categories can make your wedding portfolio representative of what the future bride is looking for. This will also show that your business has the skill set and creative vision to make the bride’s dreams come true.

Here are some categories to get you started:

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