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Sampling for Success

January 17, 2017

Did you know that on average, less than 10% of a salon’s clientele will purchase a professional hair product?
In a 2.3 billion dollar industry, the potential revenue at your fingertips is astronomical!

So how can you take advantage of this opportunity?

Think about how you decide whether or not you like a product. You probably have to TOUCH, FEEL and SMELL the product before deciding. Your clients will want to do the same thing before making a purchase. Finding creative ways to sample guests will help tap into that potential revenue while also enhancing the overall salon experience.

An easy solution is to create a Sample Bar. Select a series of products that speak to the season or specific consumer needs to showcase in an accessible space. This will enable you and the reception team to easily introduce and sample the product while providing focused education.

Take a cue from successful beauty retailers and send your guests home with a single dose, disposable container of the products they wish to experience.

This small investment will go a long way—a client who buys product from you will likely remain a loyal customer for years to come!

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  • Angela geftos

    This is such a great idea! My clients love when I make little samples for them 🙂

  • We’ve even started a “sample return” … if a client returns the sample packaging we will give them $5 off when they purchase that full size product. Tracking is critical or you will have people that take advantage of it asking for every sample under the sun. We don’t “advertise” is I have the receptionists casually talk about it. Clients feel like its a secret sale.

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