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Your 2018 Resolutions

December 26, 2017

Start the year anew!

Yes, it’s that time of year when we’re supposed to look ahead at the new year and make some dreaded resolutions!

You know, turn a new page, start over, make it the best year ever—the usual clichés.

All those promises we will make on January 1st become a distant memory mid-January, and are most likely completely forgotten come February.

We thought it might be helpful to provide you with some inspiration to take on obtainable and realistic challenges for 2018.

These small shifts in thinking will help you become more successful in your profession as a stylist or salon owner.

Get Social

1. If you haven’t taken on a social media platform yet, take the leap! Check out our recent post: “Where Are Your Customers?” to help you pick the best platform to reach your clients.

2. Be more strategic with your posts. Think of who you are targeting and what your intentions and message are. In other words, count to ten before you post!

3. Make a posting plan. Take a calendar and map out what you want to transmit to your followers. Plan around seasonal focuses and trends. Know what you want and make it happen!

Be An Expert

The most common reason that clients leave their stylist is: “They stopped focusing on my hair!”

4. Actually compete with the big beauty retailers. Give your customers a complete salon experience by making at least one product recommendation during each visit. This is what your customer expects from an expert!

5. Double the time you speak about their hair. If it’s usually five minutes, make it ten minutes!

6. Switch it up! Put all the education you receive into practice by making one small change on a client every day. This will build your customer base more than any loyalty program.

Build Your Brand

7. Whether you’re a salon owner or an independent stylist, you need a website! And more importantly, an up-to-date website. Simply commit to not putting it off in 2018!

8. Take the time to calculate how much you earned this year and how much you want to earn next year. This will inspire you to take your career into your own hands.

9. If you are a seasoned stylist, choose a junior stylist to mentor. When we invest in others, it often reignites passion for what we do.

10. If you are salon management, commit to preparing engaging and inclusive meetings that will improve salon culture and build a stronger brand.

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