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Plan Your Holiday Pop-Up Shop

October 8, 2019

Last week, we mentioned pop-up shops as a way to increase business during the holiday season. What exactly are the benefits of opening a salon pop-up shop? For starters, more than 80% of shoppers attended a retail event in 2018, with 58% planning to go to another one in the future. Of these events, 69% were pop-up shops (Small Business Trends).

We know that clients will spend more when shopping in experiential retail environments. Pop-up shops are a low cost way to increase your brand exposure, resulting in more bookings and retail sales.

Here are a few things to take into account when getting started with your pop-up salon.


Increase your reach by partnering with other local businesses who have a similar clientele. A clothing boutique, coffee shop, or exercise studio are all great options. Select a location with high visibility, and dates that are prone to a lot of foot traffic. Seek out various community events to participate in, like festivals and seasonal markets.

Beauty Pop-Up Examples


Advertise your pop-up shop at least two weeks in advance. Work with your partners to create digital content for social media and email, as well as printed ads for your physical locations. To increase engagement, run a joint contest on your social channels. The prize can include complimentary goods and services from each vendor to be received at the pop-up shop.


Take advantage of this opportunity to capture new service and retail business. Create value-added vouchers to incentivize customers to book an appointment at the salon. Especially around the holidays, you’ll want to offer exclusive retail and gift promotions, including product sets and service packages.

Consider these checklist items when preparing for your pop-up shop:

  • Pop-up services and promotions offered
  • How many/which staff will be involved
  • Electrical needs for any hot tools
  • Furniture required: chairs, tables, mirrors
  • Printed materials: signage, service menu, business cards, vouchers
  • Photo booth/social media opportunities
  • Retail & station product inventory
  • Method of payment/POS system

Pop-Up Shop Inspiration

The best part is, once you’ve organized your first pop-up shop, you’ll be equipped to repeat it again and again. For holidays, local events, or any time your business needs a little boost, pop-up shops are a worthwhile resource to have in your arsenal.

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