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January 16, 2018

Here we are mid-January…

We’ve all had a chance to exhale and can now shift our focus from surviving the holiday season to reflecting on the past year and planning out the next one.

Whether you’re an independent stylist or salon management, it’s time to start making strategic, cohesive plans for your business.

Here are a few simple ideas to help you set clear goals and make 2018 as profitable as possible!

 Increase Retail Revenue

  • Choose specific promotions to focus on during your slowest days
  • Select a specific product or collection to promote each month
  • Change up your salon feature tables at least every 2 months
  • Utilize your social media accounts to promote products and feature stylist tips

Attract New Business

  • Create an enticing window display to draw in new customers
  • Add a new protocol to your service menu
  • Set clear, professional guidelines for your social media
  • Collaborate with other local business to cross-promote services

Invest in Your Team

  • Schedule a PK for the entire team when launching new products
  • Revamp your website’s “Career” section to attract new talent
  • Create or improve training guidelines for junior stylists
  • Make your salon meetings about engagement instead of “do’s and don’ts”
  • Reassess your mission statement/brand story and share with the team

We’d love to hear about your plans for 2018! Let us know what your biggest goals are for the year ahead.

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