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Step Up Your Salon Experience

February 26, 2020

“Experience” is the latest buzzword in retail—and with good reason. Customers today are looking for unique shopping experiences and want to purchase from brands they connect with. While many traditional retailers are struggling to adapt to this reality, the beauty industry is thriving. This is great news for salons!

What does the salon experience mean to you? We often think about how clients are greeted at reception, offering them a beverage, making sure they’re comfortable. But the experience can be so much more than that. If you want your clients to stop purchasing their hair products from large beauty retailers, you need to step up your salon experience in a serious way.

Retailer Inspiration

Let’s look at Glossier, a beauty brand that launched in 2014 and quickly developed a cult following. How did Glossier manage to amass such a loyal customer base?

By creating immersive brand experiences.

Take their recent perfume launch for example. Rather than simply adding the product into their existing lineup, they opened a pop-up shop dedicated to experiencing the fragrance.

The shop—decked out in red to match the product packaging—was designed to be a beauty funhouse. It included hidden rooms with infinity mirrors, and various activities appealing to different senses (touch, smell, taste, etc.).

Of course, you’re not going to create a pop-up shop every time you bring in a new retail product. Instead, think about how you can create your own immersive experiences in the salon.

If you’re going to host an event around the Curl Collection, think of how you can incorporate the “curl” theme using music, decor and activities. Set up interactive spaces where clients can learn about key ingredients, test the products to achieve different looks, and of course, take pictures at a selfie station.

How are you creating dynamic experiences for your clients? Let us know in the comments below.

Originally published January 9, 2018

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