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3 Ways to Improve Your Retail

February 12, 2020

Food is to humans as retail is to salons; it’s vital to operating successfully. Averaging at 10% of a salon’s overall revenue, the importance of retail sales is undeniable. Though many believe that the salon industry is threatened by heightened competition, there is actually more money to be made than ever before!

Is your salon capitalizing on this opportunity? Take your salon owner or stylist hat off (for only a minute!) and think about the big players like Sephora and Nordstrom. What makes them so successful?

One of my favorite stores is Target for a very simple reason: the shopping experience. Somehow, I never leave the store empty-handed. Here are a few ideas inspired by Target to use in your salon:

Brand & Product Placement

Take cues from Target’s “on-the-go” section at the front of the store. It has everything from food to household items and a self-checkout to help shoppers get in and out quickly.

Apply this to your business by placing your most recognized brands and top sellers at the front of the salon. This will catch the eye of existing clients, walk-ins, and passersby looking to grab their favorite hair product and be on their way.

Browsing with Purpose

For those not in a rush, Target has created meaningful browsing that truly influences and inspires consumers to buy. Whether you’re decorating your dining room or redoing your wardrobe, they have merchandised collections of anything you may want to complete your project.

In the salon, use feature tables to display everything a client needs to create the perfect at-home blowout, waves, or braid. Include brushes, hot tools, products, and accessories. Give them the full experience!

Dynamic Social Media

Target’s Instagram page features visually appealing images with a consistent theme, clever captions with call-to-actions, and short videos—all promoting their wide variety of products.

On your social feeds, switch it up with more than just hair images. Share your team’s expertise, special services and promotions, community involvement, etc. The social media world is your oyster!

Think about your favorite store. Why do you like shopping there? Instead of fearing big retailers, use them as inspiration to provide the best experience to your clients.

Originally published May 22, 2018

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