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Get Inspired: Spring Retail Refresh

March 12, 2019

Regardless of how much square footage you own, chances are you feel like you could always use a bit more. When you start listing all the elements needed to operate your business, it starts adding up fairly quickly.

One category that is often saved for last is the retail area. Let’s be honest, not everyone is excited by the idea of having to merchandise their products. The task can be a bit daunting. Especially if you always feel like you’re lacking space.

When you look at something day in and day out, you stop seeing it properly. While you might realize the need to improve your retail area, perhaps you can’t put your finger on what exactly needs to change. One of my favorite tricks is to think outside of the box and get inspired by other businesses.

Think of stores that have beautiful merchandising—the kind that makes you want to shop, whether you needed something or not! Make a conscious effort to be more aware of your surroundings when you are out and about. Don’t be afraid to take photos of spaces or ideas you love to use as a reference.

Just get inspired!

Pinpoint what your favorite inspiration images have in common.

  • How is the spacing between products?
  • Are they merchandising on walls or tabletops?
  • What makes these spaces so appealing to you?

Take that list of “loves” and see how you can apply it to refresh your retail space.

Don’t limit yourself! An inspiration taken from a larger space can easily be applied to a smaller space, and vice-versa.

For example, the following spaces use small shelves spaced out in a way that lets the product breathe. The idea is the same, but is adapted to each location. In both cases, the product presentation is practical and decorative.

Maybe you want to showcase product on a tabletop, but only have a small corner to do so. Why not try a small trio of slim pedestals?

Last but not least, enjoy being inspired and have fun exploring new ideas. Remember that it’s okay to not do everything at once. Just taking the time to assess is already a great accomplishment!

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