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Re-Imagine Digital!

June 23, 2021

As we return to a sense of normalcy and begin to host in-salon classes, we have to ask ourselves “Does digital education still fit in?”

We all crave a social connection, hands-on learning, and the experience that education brings into the salon. However, we know that educators are limited and planning can be tough. Digital education provides us with scheduling flexibility, an abundance of options, and the ability to access it from anywhere and at any time!

How can we keep digital education relevant and exciting for our teams while we begin to add in-salon training to our calendars? Here are a few ways to reimagine digital education for your salon and staff.

Host a movie night! 

Digital education should be fun. Host a movie night for your staff and choose two videos to watch as a team. Create a designated area in-salon with candy, sodas, and popcorn to bring the theater to you. Take a 15-minute intermission between videos and encourage the staff members to recreate styles for prizes!

*Pro-tip: You can also host a virtual movie night! Send each stylist home with a refreshment box and stream education live on Zoom!

Make it Social! 

Take your digital learnings and recreate them for your customers! Divide your team up into groups and have them watch an education video before a staff meeting. When the staff meeting starts, assign each team a social media platform (Facebook, Instagram Stories, TikTok, or a LIVE! Option). Give them 30 minutes to create the content for a “teach-back”! Feature the winning team on your social platforms and use their finished product to promote new services!

Create an Inspiration Board! 

Host a staff brunch. Bring magazines, scissors, glue sticks, and poster boards for the team. Distribute the magazines around the table and ask the team to cut out photos that inspire them. After the pastries are gone, glue the photos to a poster board and display it. Discuss common themes, colors, and styles. Hang the board in your break room for everyone to enjoy!

So…does digital education still fit in? 100% YES!

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