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The Power of GWPs

August 13, 2019

Since your clients have so many options of where to purchase their beauty products, it’s important to think of ways to stand out from the competition. Gift with purchases (GWPs) have been used by retailers for many, many years. They’re especially popular among beauty brands. How can you incorporate GWPs into your salon’s retail and marketing strategy?


There are many options you can use to make your retail offerings more attractive to clients. Advertising a simple discount or percentage off can sometimes lower the perceived value of the brand or product. On the other hand, promoting a GWP has the opposite effect by adding value to the offer.

Additionally, though most consumers do research before buying anything, they still indulge in impulse purchases regularly. In 2018, 50% of consumers’ impulse buys occurred because the product had a limited-time offer attached to it. Offering a limited time GWP can encourage more unplanned purchases from your clients.


There are two occasions where you can use GWPs to boost your sales: during high season or during low season. Depending on your business goals, you can opt for either, or both. Just be careful not to use GWPs too often, as the novelty will wear off. Plot these into your marketing calendar in accordance with your key focuses.


In order to ensure that your GWP is successful, it’s important to entice your clients through multiple channels. The more clients you reach, the greater the impact will be.

In your salon space, create a flyer to merchandise alongside relevant product in your retail and checkout areas. For online advertising, emails are the best method to reach clients across all demographics. Creating a monthly email newsletter to advertise services and special offers is an effective way to keep your salon top of mind. Lastly, post about the GWP on your social media channels throughout the duration of the offer.

The great thing about GWPs is that they are flexible and allow you to be creative. Whether you want to focus on promoting services or retail, you can continuously design offers that will appeal to your clients and support your goals.

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