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Post with Purpose

June 26, 2018

Last week, Instagram announced that they have officially attained 1 billion monthly active users. The app’s reach is continuing to expand at a rapid pace, making it a valuable marketing resource for businesses.

While Instagram is most popular among the 18-29 age group, it is quickly being adopted by all demographics and is definitely worth considering to promote your salon business.

If you use Instagram, it’s imperative that you use it properly! Think about what imagery and messaging will appeal to your target client.

A common mistake we encounter is stylists posting content that speaks more to their coworkers or peers than to potential customers. If you’re including color formulations in your captions, or posting jokes about being a stylist, you are not enticing your current and future clients!

Posting with purpose means being mindful and speaking your audience’s language.

Before you post, ask yourself: What is my message?

Whether it’s summer trends, wedding inspirations, or favorite products, your posts should showcase one of the following:

  • Your expertise/skill set
  • A season or holiday
  • An inspiration
  • A product or service
  • An event

Instagram can be much more than just a portfolio of your work—use it as a strategic tool to grow your business. Everything you post should center around a specific message that supports one of your business goals. This will help you create diverse content, increase brand awareness, and keep your followers engaged.

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