Tech Talk

3 Easy Holiday Marketing Ideas

October 14, 2020

We're seeing a huge shift in how consumers research product—social media will soon surpass more traditional search engines (like Google). It's safe to say that many of your clients will be looking for holiday gift ideas on social media. Advertising your seasonal offerings on Facebook and Instagram is essential!

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Business Builders

Don’t Buy Into the Hype!

October 7, 2020

As most businesses large and small are working to regain lost revenue, stepping away from the chair to look at every opportunity to drive sales is essential. NOW is the ideal moment to reassess your relationship to retail and how to make it part of your client's overall guest experience.

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Business Builders

Now Hiring!

September 23, 2020

Many salons, commissioned or rentals, have found themselves in similar situations: too much business and not enough stylists! Here are a few tips to help you build up your team and get ready to take full advantage of the holiday season!

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