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August 14, 2018

No-shows can be a major problem for appointment-based businesses, especially for salons. Instead of taking a forced break, try these methods to control the gaps!

Notifications & Reminders

Today, most salon programs have a built-in reminder system. Even if you don’t, when and how you send out notification texts or emails can impact your business. No one likes an empty chair, but are you allowing yourself enough time to fill the time slot if you have a cancellation? Whether you’re an independent stylist or a commissioned salon, these are everyday occurrences that can seriously cut into your revenue. Ideally, you should confirm appointments 48 hours in advance to allow ample time to re-book time slots.


Most stylists and colorists rarely have appointment times available same day or even same week, so keeping an ongoing wait-list is one of the best ways to fill cancellations. Another great option is to use your social media channels to advertise any last-minute openings. Try including a client incentive to fill the slot quickly. For example, caption your post: Last-minute opening tomorrow at 4:00 pm! Call now to book your haircut and receive a complimentary hydrating mask service. 

Creating easy strategies, such as ready-to-go posts and incentives, will help book any openings and prevent lost revenue.

Close the Gaps

Scheduling strategically can also be a great way to buffer yourself against gaps in your business day. If you have a 3 hour time block from 12:00 pm to 3:00 pm, either fill the whole opening with one client, or begin by booking the 12:00 pm and 2:00 pm slots first. Booking a haircut in the middle slot (1:00 pm) will create short gaps in your schedule, which will limit the types of appointments you can take before and after this client.

Elevate The Guest Experience

Occasionally, delays can occur for a number of reasons which can throw off your entire day’s schedule! An add-on service can help get you back on track and elevate your guest’s experience rather than having them wait in the reception area. By creating a customized menu with three to four short services, you can turn your client’s wait time into a positive experience.

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