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Try These Simple Merchandising Ideas

August 21, 2018

Whether product flew off the shelves quicker than expected, or you didn’t have a chance to merchandise your recent replenishment, chances are your presentation has seen better days! You’ve worked so hard to make your salon a space where your clients get the best service, so don’t let an unpolished presentation lessen that positive experience. Don’t worry, here are some easy tips to help you navigate the world of merchandising in a snap.

Keep It Together

When customers shop for hair care, the first thing they look for are products that address their hair type. Make it simple by keeping collections together and in order of how they are used. Shampoo, followed by conditioner, mask, and styling products.

Let’s Talk Rhythm

Once you’ve grouped everything by collection, consider adding graphics (such as a product guide or brochure) to separate or highlight a certain assortment. Rhythm and symmetry help create visual pauses within the wall, so the shopper isn’t overwhelmed by the assortment offered. An added bonus to beautiful brochures is that they’re full of product knowledge as well!

Negative Space Isn’t a Bad Thing

If you don’t have visuals on hand, another trick is to leave a space between each grouped collection to create a visual pause. A few inches in between can go a long way. Think of it like you’re adding a period to the end of a sentence.

When stock is running low, try utilizing your top shelf to showcase your favorites. Need some inspiration? Check out our post on the “triangle” strategy to create beautiful compositions.

From Top to Bottom

Last but not least, be mindful of where you place your top sellers. The worst thing you can do is to hide new or popular products on the bottom shelf, far from the eye. If your customers can’t get enough of the Moroccanoil Treatment, place it front and center at eye level so they don’t need to search any longer than necessary.

Practice makes perfect! Give yourself the time to test out new compositions and rhythms. You will be a pro in no time, and the return on investment will be well worth it.

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