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Merchandising Tips: A New Point of View

July 23, 2019

We recently posted about the benefits of merchandising on tables in your salon. What are the most effective ways to place product on these tables?

When merchandising against a wall, you only have one view to consider. All product is viewed straight on. On the other hand, if the product is placed on a table, your customer can approach it from different angles. You need to take a 360° approach. There are easy solutions to achieve this:

Consider Both Sides

You can begin by keeping it very simple. Try to consider both sides of your display. The first impression is the most important, so it’s essential to define the “front” and “back.” How will most of your clients discover the table? This should be your starting point, or the “front” of your display.

Keep It Interesting

In the example below, we kept both sides interesting by using a multipurpose glorifier, and placing samples of the merchandised product on either side of the table. Samples and visuals will entice your customer to visit both sides of your product display. Spreading your samples, while ensuring your retail product is adjacent to them, will give your clients a reason to spend more time exploring product.

View From All Angles

In the following case, the salon already had a small tabletop in the middle of their styling area dedicated to housing towels. We gave this table an additional use by featuring product on it. Each of the products displayed face a different direction; enabling all clients to interact with the product when arriving and leaving their stylist’s station.

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