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Make the Most of Your New Product Launch

September 3, 2019

A new product launch is the perfect time to use your salon space creatively. Try these merchandising ideas to refresh your displays and encourage retail sales.

Collection Adjacencies

To make the most of a product launch, you can merchandise newness alongside complementary products. For example, Moroccanoil Color Depositing Masks are dual-benefit masks that combine care with color. You can take advantage of this fact by placing these masks with your Color Complete or Hydration collections.

Color Depositing Masks can be mixed with the Moroccanoil Weightless Hydrating Mask to achieve a softer, pastel-like result. Merchandising these products together opens the opportunity for additional client education, shows the versatility of the product, and can encourage multiple-item purchases.

Highlight Newness

With its colorful design, the Color Depositing Mask creates a beautiful pop in any area you wish to showcase newness.

Reception Area: There are many ways to utilize product as decor. Below, we used Color Depositing Masks to create a strong backdrop at the reception area.

Notice how the product is merchandised in a clutter-free manner. If you want to attain an elevated boutique look, give your product space to breathe. You can also place the 30 ml packette display on the counter with some brochures to enable your clients to interact with the product effortlessly.

Tabletop: We said it once, and we’ll say it again—a table display is a great way to differentiate your new launch from your current inventory.

Consider investing in neutral risers (i.e. white, clear, metallic) to add dimension to your table displays. Risers can often make the merchandising process easier for you, and will help your customer navigate the product. Compare it to punctuation in a sentence: pauses make it easier to read.

Consumer Targets

The Color Depositing Mask collection offers you the opportunity to target 3 unique consumers.

The Color Experimenter: likes to experiment with color by switching up her look with the latest fashion shade.

The Color Enhancer: wants to add intensity to haircolor by trying different tones to keep her color vibrant and with dimension.

The Color Preserver: wants to preserve her hair color in between salon visits.

Do you have a high demographic of blondes? Are your clients looking to transition to darker colors this fall? Consider creating vignette displays that focus on these themes. Depending on the seasons and current trends, you can adapt your display to best suit your clients’ hair aspirations.

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