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Put Your Marketing Plan Into Action

August 6, 2019

Once you’ve put together your marketing plan by plotting focuses and actions in your calendar, it’s time to start executing. You don’t need to go at this alone—get your entire team on board! If you’re an independent stylist, ask your manufacturer contacts how they can support various activities in your calendar. The more people are aligned with your goals, the greater your chances of achieving them.


Host a team meeting at the beginning of each month to review your focuses and activities. Depending on your salon structure and culture, either assign tasks to various team members, or ask for volunteers.

Using our Back-to-School example, you could have two staff in charge of creating the feature table, and another two responsible for designing looks for the upcoming event. Encourage your team to get creative and search for inspiration, both online and at local retailers.

The kick-off meeting is also a good time to launch any staff incentives, and review promotions and key product information.

Communication and visibility are crucial! Keep a copy of your marketing calendar in the backroom. You can send a monthly kick-off email explaining the key focuses and important dates as well.

Touch Base

Regular check-ins are essential to supporting your team and your goals. These can be quick and informal, depending on what works best for your staff. Are clients responding well to the promotions and feature table? Is everything on schedule for the Back-to-School event? Keep tabs on your planned activities so you can continue those that are successful and readjust those that aren’t.


One of the most important aspects of executing your marketing calendar is celebrating the wins. Begin the following month’s kick-off meeting by reviewing everything that went well. Announce incentive winners, give praise to the receptionist who increased sales, recognize the great impact of the new feature table.

This is also an opportunity to review activities that didn’t go as planned and brainstorm ways to improve going forward. Celebrating the team’s successes, as well as getting them involved in future planning, will bring everyone closer and get them excited for the next focus.


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