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How to Grow Your Clientele This Summer

June 12, 2018

A common question we receive from stylists is: “How do I attract new clients?”

As summer approaches and regular salon business may start to slow down, it’s the perfect time to focus on this goal and put some fresh ideas into motion.

One way to drive new customers to your salon is to team up with other local businesses. Leveraging the resources and customer base of multiple brands can be very beneficial for all parties involved.

To ensure a successful partnership, choose businesses in a similar category (i.e. beauty or wellness) and with a comparable target demographic.

Here are a few ways of collaborating to gain new clientele:

Social Media Giveaway

Host an appealing giveaway on social media where each partner brand will contribute to the prize. For example, if you choose to work with a nearby yoga studio and a local jewelry store, the prize can include a free blowout, a complimentary yoga session, and a $50 store gift card. To be eligible to win the prize, customers will have to tag friends and follow the participating brands. The goal of this campaign is to create brand awareness among your ideal clients while simultaneously promoting your products and services.


Create custom promotions across multiple vendors to attract new business and increase retail sales. It’s important to advertise these special promotions effectively. Leaving a stack of flyers or business cards at your partner’s store is not enough. Instead, design eye-catching signage that will pique your clients’ interest. Be sure to train each business’ front-desk staff on how to speak to the offer.

Multi-Brand Event

Organize an event in collaboration with local businesses. The event can be for a new store opening, a product launch, or even just to celebrate the summer. By joining forces with other brands, you’ll not only share clients, but also costs and resources, making for a worthy investment. If partnering with a yoga studio, you can host a “Get Summer Ready” yoga class followed by hair touch ups and braids for all attendees. This also makes for a great opportunity to sell some dry shampoo!


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