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Light It Right

March 4, 2020
Light It Right

You’ve spent hours creating the perfect color, meticulously checking that each section is perfect, and your client is ecstatic with the end result! As you are both feeling confident in your creation, you just have to snap a picture to document your masterpiece. You excitedly post to social media and go about your day. Hours later, you realize your post has gotten very little love and you just can’t figure out why. It looked so perfect! What went wrong?


Lighting can make or break a great Instagram photo. You may have heard about “natural light”…but this doesn’t mean asking your client to stand in front of the window! Doing so will actually cause the picture subject to appear back-lit and come out very dark.

Whenever possible, bring your clients outside to take a picture against a nice wall (and make sure there’s no graffiti or garbage in your shot!). Otherwise, try designating a spot in the salon that everyone can use: somewhere easily accessible with a neutral backdrop. If you don’t have room for a permanent “selfie station”, find a spot that can be easily converted when needed.

Make sure the chosen area has bright light that isn’t too harsh or direct. Gather a few stylists to help you find the best spot by taking some test shots before the salon opens.

Should you invest in a diva ring light? This is a round light on a stand, and it’s what makes most of your favorite bloggers look so flawless. While you can find these at a relatively low cost, it may not be something that you have room for—and that’s okay!

Try playing around with the camera settings on your phone (portrait mode, brightness, etc.) as well as different angles and positions to see what results in the best lighting.

The more time you have to experiment and practice, the better your photos will become. It may be hard to justify taking the time to do this, but these small adjustments really make a difference! Seeing a great social media picture from your salon could be exactly what brings your next client to your chair!

Originally published August 15, 2017

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