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Retail Inspiration: Beauty to Go

December 11, 2018

I must confess that I’m a serial consumer when it comes to last minute, unplanned purchases. You all know what I’m referring to! When I go to pick up my dry cleaning, I somehow manage to come home with a new pair of shoes! Or when I’m waiting in line to pay at my favorite shop, grocery store or pharmacy, I find a way to leave with much more than what I came in for.  

Of course, I’m completely aware of the fact that these items are strategically placed, packaged, and priced to tempt me. Yet, I can continuously justify these small, guilty pleasures.

Do I need these items? Perhaps not. Do I end up buying them? Usually, yes!

Around the holidays, there always seems to be somebody I forgot on my list. When I see something that would make a great little gift or stocking stuffer (or is simply too cute to overlook), I pick it up without hesitation.

Retailers often manage to add an additional 20-25% to their customer’s bill by creating these enticing add-on environments or displays. Many consumers simply cannot resist a great, last minute find—especially during the holidays!

Make sure that you are taking full advantage of the busy season to promote your well-priced add-ons around the register and front desk. This is the perfect opportunity to merchandise and feature your travel sizes. Highlight the designated area with a creative sign and you’re all set!

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