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It’s Time to Commit

May 2, 2017

The beauty industry, as you know, is very personal and relationship-based. As hairstylists, we often share important moments in our clients’ lives, like a child’s first haircut, prom and—of course—weddings.

For those of you who are brave enough to dive into the wedding business, it is important to understand that your role is now that of a vendor who is supplying a service.

Yes, you are creating part of the wedding client’s dream, but you are also committing a significant portion of your time to deliver and surpass everyone’s expectations. So cancellations are not an option.

Like any vendor, you need a commitment from your client in the form of a contract. That might sound too corporate to some of you, but remember, you are a professional who is an integral part of her wedding dream—and will most likely be throwing in some free therapy on the big day!

I highly recommend that you research “salon wedding contracts” online to see what other salons require and what fits your brand and expectations. It is always better to get as much as possible in writing, like the number of people to be styled, cost per person, when payment is due, etc. And like any vendor, you should require a non-refundable deposit for the entire party’s booking to ensure a serious commitment on their end.

Remember—the services you will provide are just as important as the flowers, photographer and venue, if not more so. Today’s average wedding costs over $35,000, and yet we are often reproached that somehow the $150 dollar up-style that will be featured in every photo might break the budget!

Honor your skills and charge accordingly. Have a portfolio of your work, as well as different themes, and include professional pictures that showcase what you are able to create.

Following these tips will help promote your business and reassure your bridal clients that you are a true professional!

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