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It’s Not Too Late!

November 18, 2020

We can all admit that 2020 has been an incredibly difficult year for our industry, so taking full advantage of the season is essential. It is not too late to create a few actionable that will bring maximum profitability.

In fact, recent research shows that:

To make sure you cover all your bases, break it down into categories:



If you have not created unique offerings for the holiday season, it is not too late!

Create a small menu of quick holiday looks.

Perhaps set up a walk-in “Holiday station” where clients can add on a little something special after their blow out or color: top knot, braid, glam waves, loose chignon, etc…

  • Promote and offer express mask services with a holiday theme
  • Special holiday themed mani- pedis
  • Create a promotion to include a complementary add-on mask treatment to consumers purchasing a gift card over $75-$100! This is a great way to promote gift cards and introduce a client to a new service.



What promotions do you want to feature?

Have you created a feature table with giftables perhaps by theme or price point?

Are you driving retail by offering GWPs?

A few ideas:

  • Create a “12 days of Christmas” campaign where you offer a different promotion for the 12 days leading up to Christmas!
  • Create Holiday-themed kits :
    • A Zoom Holiday Party Kit (Dry Texture Spray, A Holiday Accessory & Hairspray)
    • Cozy Holiday Kit (Hair Mask, Hand Cream, Shower Gel)
    • Stocking Stuffer Kit (Samples of your best-selling products)
  • Make sure that your window showcases your retail offerings



Ensure your online presence reflects what you have going on in your salon!

  • Update your online platforms to promote any of your retail or service offerings
  • Map out your holiday content for your social channels. Think:

  • Get creative and post show-and-sell videos on your platforms!
  • Engage your clients by doing weekly online raffles
  • Create a Holiday photo booth in your salon! This will create a fun atmosphere for your team and clients (and great photos to post)

This holiday season, the gift of giving is going to be more memorable.  Make sure to be a part of the memory!

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