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Is Your Business Aging Out?

June 16, 2021

There are many talented stylists who, after making a name for themselves, take the leap to open their own salon. These creative individuals shape their salon’s brand and lay the groundwork for their success.

It is a familiar story, but one with a predictable ending….as owners mature, so does their clientele! Without realizing it, a salon can slowly find itself struggling to compete and attract new clients. The longer a salon stays in business, the more effort is needed to stay fresh and current!

Can you relate? Here are a few insights that might help you to evaluate your business:

Many owners choose to work behind the chair as their customer base drives a large percentage of the overall salon’s revenue.

This can impact your business significantly because of a lack of available time to: manage effectively, plan strategically, market to a vast demographic, etc…

A more evenly distributed client ratio between owner and team will help to safeguard the health of your business in the long run.

Coordinating regular educational opportunities is an essential part of keeping your current stylists inspired, on-trend and motivated.

Adhering to an education calendar will help build a strong foundation to encourage team members to showcase their skills and creativity online which in turn will attract new clients as well as new talent. Take full advantage of your manufacturer’s offerings and make sure to participate in all the classes!

To keep your business fresh and thriving you need a regular influx of new clients! You can grow them organically through your current clients’ referrals or you can grow them consciously by strategically attracting a specific demographic through effective targeted marketing and social media. In today’s landscape, this is an absolute must to prevent your business from aging out.

Take a hard look at your retail! Before you make drastic changes, evaluate the energy that you are putting into your retail environment:

  • Are you refreshing your merchandising, feature tables, and windows regularly?
  • Are you investing the needed time to keep the team updated on new products, launches, and usage?

Today’s consumer is super product-savvy and wants to frequent salons that are beauty experts, so keeping products top of mind both in the salon and online is essential.
In the end, you have more control than you might think over who your customer base is today and tomorrow!

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