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Do I Need to “Theme” My Instagram?

July 8, 2020

Whether you’re an Instagram whiz or this is your first foray into the platform, the phrase “Instagram Theme” is one you have probably heard. But what does it mean? And how can you incorporate one to strengthen your brand?

Having a theme to your Instagram means you are sharing content in a way that flows together. The result? A consistent and recognizable aesthetic that can gain attention, engagement, and, strengthen your brand identity.

PHEW, seems overwhelming. But it’s not! Being in the business of hair means that you are in the business of being creative and visual – a great combination for a platform like Instagram!

Let’s break down the key pillars of an Instagram Theme:

The Color

Creating a color scheme can seem pretty daunting but chances are you already have one! Look at the décor of your salon or the color of your logo. Are there any colors that are dominant and that you feel embody your brand? Once identified, you can use these colors to theme your Instagram. For example:

  • As your background for hair shots
  • As the font color in text-based posts
  • As the recurring color in imagery
  • As the colors for story highlights

The Subject

Keeping your content focused around a subject or theme will help to build your identity. This doesn’t mean just posting images of hair (seeing the backs of heads isn’t very engaging!) or picking one theme and sticking with it until the end of time. Your Instagram grid is a collection of the last nine photos you posted – use these wisely to ensure it reflects your brand and appeals to your customer.

For example, in the summer months, your focus might be wedding hair. Your posts can range from up-dos, bridal accessories, tips, and tricks to customer testimonials.

Other examples of themes are prom, holiday, braids, festival… the possibilities are endless. Instagram is meant to be fluid!

The Layout

A consistent layout to your posting is a subtle way to add consistency to your feed. For example: posting in threes or a quote every other post.

The Edit

Achieving a cohesive look-and-feel can be done by editing your images in the same way. There are lots of resources and apps that enable you to do this with the click of a button. Remember – less is more!

When thinking of your Instagram, put on your consumer hat! Think about the accounts YOU follow and why. Countless photos of the back of a head is probably not one of those reasons! Implementing a theme that is consistent, visual, and appealing will keep your audience (and potential clients) coming back for more!

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