Team Spirit

Are You Motivating Your Team?

September 25, 2018

Your team is the fuel that keeps the engine running! As we head into fall and salon business picks up, it’s the perfect time to get your team on board and show your appreciation. Try one (or all!) of these instantly gratifying ways to bring good energy and increase team spirit in your salon.

Surprise Bonus

Reward your staff with a bonus tip each week. Choose an employee to give a well-deserved, $50 dollar tip to celebrate their hard work. It can be whoever made a difference, supported their colleagues, sold the most retail, or simply kept their cool during a hectic day.

Stylist Spotlight

Showcasing your team is an inexpensive and worthwhile way to engage your guests, strengthen relationships and give your best stylists a voice. Launch this fun incentive where a different stylist will be featured online each month of the year. Give back to your team and help them build their personal brand!


Handwritten Notes

Seemingly a thing of the past, this classic method for showing appreciation can make your staff feel special. Ensure that your notes are specific: include why you are recognizing them and how they made a difference.

The Wish List

Be your team’s fairy godmother and make their wishes come true. Leave a stack of blank cards next to a “wish box” where staff members can make a request. At the end of the week, grant one of the wishes from the box. Be the hero and make someone’s day!

As a salon owner, how do you fuel your team and keep them motivated? As a stylist, what would make you feel motivated and appreciated? Share your thoughts and ideas in the comments below!

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