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How to Attract the Right Talent

March 14, 2017

Building and maintaining a great team should be a top priority for every salon, but with so many different hiring resources in today’s market, finding the best candidate can feel overwhelming.

Here are three ideas to help you continuously recruit the right talent for your salon.

Your website is a key aspect of promoting your salon to potential employees. Make sure to let your brand personality shine through and show what sets your salon apart. If you don’t have a “Careers” section on your website, create one ASAP. Include employee benefits, as well as any training programs and education opportunities offered.

Social media isn’t just for connecting with clients—it also serves as a great tool for recruiting new talent. In addition to having a LinkedIn page for your business, you can use Facebook and Instagram to support your hiring process. Create posts featuring current employees and give a glimpse into what it’s like to work at your salon.

Invite students from local beauty schools to your salon whenever you’re hosting in-salon classes or events. Networking with up-and-coming stylists is a valuable way to showcase your offerings as an employer, as well as assess the dedication and fit of potential recruits.

Don’t wait until you have an empty chair to start looking for talent; the most important part of attracting the right candidates is to always be recruiting and selling your salon brand!

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